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Wise KPIs

Plugin Description

Version 2.0.0 out now

“Wise KPIs” is a complimentary plugin, providing a snapshot of approximately 25 critical performance indicators that mirror your WordPress website’s activity. This tool is indispensable to bloggers and eCommerce proprietors utilizing WooCommerce, enabling the tracking of significant parameters such as user, post, comment, and order data. By utilizing Wise KPIs, you’re empowered to make informed choices that enhance your website’s performance based on actual metrics.

Key Performance Indicators

Our plugin proffers close to 25 key performance indicators, spanning all aspects of your site, such as user interaction, content creation, system insights, and a host of others. Here are a few of our KPIs:

  1. Revenue per client
  2. Revision count
  3. Menu item count
  4. Average content length of a post
  5. Order tally
  6. Average comment count per user
  7. Author count
  8. Frequency of coupon usage
  9. Average discount rate And a plethora of others…

The “Wise KPIs” plugin is designed to provide a holistic, data-driven approach to the performance management of your WordPress website, making it a must-have for all users.



  • Facilitates tracking of crucial KPIs
  • Fosters informed decision-making
  • Improves website performance based on factual data
  • Provides KPI data within specific date ranges
  • Allows altering of the comparison timeframe (yesterday, last week, last month, etc.)
  • Auto-refreshes KPI pages
  • Free to download and utilize
  • Users (1 KPI)
  • Posts (8 KPIs)
  • Engagement (3 KPIs)
  • System (4 KPIs)
  • WooCommerce (6 KPIs)
  • Simplified installation process


wise kpis
wise kpis
wise kpis
Wise KPIs 1.1.2