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Wise KPIs version 2.5 is now out

Hi guys, we are happy to announce a new version for our wise kpis plugin, version 2.5 In this version we added a new woocommerce chart that will show you last 15 days of sales. This chart can not be filtered by dates, if you want us to continue and improve the chart, you know, […]

Version 2.0.0 is out there

We announcing wise-kpis version 2.0.0. We have new KPIs, new features and code improvements. We are even added 3 languages, check it out, if you need more languages please contact us, we will add it. Good luck and have fun.

We are working on the next version


New version is released but we still working. We are so excited to release version 1.1.2 of Wise KPIs but we can not rest and we already started to work on the next version (its a big one). So We can already tell you the the next version will include more then 10 new KPIs […]

Announcing Wise KPIs Version 1.1.2

Wise KPIs 1.1.2

We are thrilled to announce the release of version 1.1.2 for our plugin Wise Kpis. This update brings you 2 new features that can change the way you are getting analytics from your website. This update includes 2 awesome features and some removing too (do not worry nothing important, we will write you exactly what […]

Unlock your WooCommerce success with 9 essential KPIs using Wise-KPIs

wise kpis

Introduction In the competitive world of eCommerce, understanding your online store’s performance is vital. It’s like the health checkup for your WooCommerce business, providing you with a detailed snapshot of how well your website is doing. Enter Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – these are the metrics that give you actionable insights to boost your success. […]

Supercharge Your WordPress based site with KPIs information


Are you ready to harness the awesome magic of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)? Let’s unravel how KPIs can help your website management (include marketing and SEO) and make it truly shine. Plus, we’ve got three top-notch plugins, including our Wise KPIs, all made for WordPress CMS! Why KPIs are Amazing: Think of managing a website […]

Optimize Your performance with “Wise KPIs”, Making Data-Driven Decisions for Success

Wise KPIs

When you having a website, of any kind, making data-driven decisions is essential for owners seeking success. We developed Wise KPIs, a totaly free wordpress plugin, available to download from the wordpress repository. Unlocking the Power of Wise Key Performance Indicators: Wise KPIs plugin equips you with 14 key performance indicators, offering invaluable insights into […]