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About Code Kamino

Welcome to Code Kamino!

At Code Kamino team, we are dedicated for providing awesome solutions for WordPress and WooCommerce site owners.

Our mission is to deliver the best plugin experience available for WordPress. Our flagship product, Wise KPIs, is totally free and available in the WordPress repository.

Wise KPIs stands out with its user-centric approach and every one can work with him, beginner or professional.

We prioritize the security and ownership of your data. We believe that your data is yours and yours only, thats why Wise KPIs is not sending or calculating data on 3rd party and all your data stays securely on your own server.

At Code Kamino, we embrace a culture of fun, transparency and continuous improvement.

We are dedicated for crafting user-friendly solutions that makes KPI tracking not only effective but easy for anyone.

We always exploring new ideas and developing functionality of our plugins.

Peace and Love