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We are working on the next version


New version is released but we still working.

We are so excited to release version 1.1.2 of Wise KPIs but we can not rest and we already started to work on the next version (its a big one).

So We can already tell you the the next version will include more then 10 new KPIs that already written and tested,

Except the new KPIs we improved the filtering system, date range display and a new auto refresh option.

Auto refresh option?

From the next version, every KPI page will include an Auto refresh button, When clicking the button, the page will show the realtime data of your site and the page will be refreshed every 5 minutes.

This feature will give you the option to watch the KPI pages more as a realtime monitor.

The interval of 5 minutes is currently static and can not be changed because we do not want users to set low interval and mistakenly hurt the site performance,

What to expect more?

Well, i dont want to write something that is not closed and will be merged to the new version but i can promise you, you will enjoy our plugin.

If you have any question or you want to ask for features feel free to contact us.

Have a great day.

Code Kamino Team.