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Announcing Wise KPIs Version 1.1.2

Wise KPIs 1.1.2

We are thrilled to announce the release of version 1.1.2 for our plugin Wise Kpis.

This update brings you 2 new features that can change the way you are getting analytics from your website.

This update includes 2 awesome features and some removing too (do not worry nothing important, we will write you exactly what we did).


What’s new in version 1.1.2?

Date ranges KPIs

You can now generate your data based on dates by selecting the start and end date to generate.

Generating KPIs by dates can enable you to analyze your information on different time frames, offering you more percision, and flexibility for your decision taking process.

Comparison unit

The second big feature for this update is the abillity to change the comparison time unit meaning you do not locked only for yesterday comparison, you can compare for last week, last month and year too.

If you want more unit comparison types you know the drill, contact us and we will make you happy.

What we removed from Wise KPIs in this version?

As part of adding those two magnificent features, we found that 2 KPIs are deemed.

We decided to keep the plugin as clean as we can so we will have space to develop a future KPIs and keep every thing clean and simple.

How it effects you?

Well basically because of the new features of generating KPIs by date range and unit comparison change, you are not effected at all, we can say that 2 KPIs are merged inside 2 others (for example, user growth is not weekly any more but he is by dates) so all the data is still shown :).

Final Thoughts

We must start that the plugin is free and you can download it right now from the wordpress repository, just search for wise kpis just install and activate.

Please, do not forget, your feedback is important for us, it kind of a bummer to work on something that does not help anyone, so feel free, I am OK with that :).

So i hope you get the most from this plugin, peace.