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Unlock your WooCommerce success with 9 essential KPIs using Wise-KPIs

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In the competitive world of eCommerce, understanding your online store’s performance is vital. It’s like the health checkup for your WooCommerce business, providing you with a detailed snapshot of how well your website is doing. Enter Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – these are the metrics that give you actionable insights to boost your success. And thanks to the Wise-KPIs plugin, tracking these KPIs has never been easier.

Average comments per post:

This metric shows you how many comments each post on average receives. Suppose your latest blog post about eco-friendly packaging methods is generating a lot of discussions. In that case, it’s a sign that your audience is engaged and interested in sustainable practices, indicating a potential direction for future content or products.

Published comments per day:

Keeping track of how many comments get published daily helps you gauge customer engagement and feedback.
Comments activity can you help you understand the products the your users love more or less, So for example, if your comments can be given by verified clients only, you can see how much this product drives your customers to get back again to the store and make an action (good or bad).

Total published posts:

The KPI is pretty straightforward, it counts the total number of published posts on your site. This is the time to say that in the wordpress world, post can be blog post, product, page and more.

Total number of spam comments:

Monitoring spam comments can help improve your website’s credibility and user experience. This KPI is counting the comments that are marked as spam. It is important to follow this KPI to know the type of content your site is publishing to the end clients.
By the way, enabling comments after verification only is a good practice that will give you the option to moderate the content on your site.

Number of posts per day:

When you have a team that manages the site content, it is a good practice to give goals to the team, Goals can help you follow the improvement of the team and the content publishing habits.
By measuring how many posts you publish per day, you can monitor your content output and the consistent of posting.

Total number of published comments:

It sums up all the comments made on your website, it can tell you about growing engagement and provides you with a wealth of customer feedback to consider in your marketing directions.

Number of registrations per day:

Knowing your daily registrations mostly when you are running marketing campaigns or even publishing new product can help you know your customers, like what types of campaigns will bring more users and what type of products too.
This is a very powerful KPI for sites that managing user base.

Total number of users:

The KPI will provide you the total count of users on your site.
When you watching this KPI, you want to see a steady increase in the total users count because it is signifies a business growth and can help you plan a future marketing strategies more efficient.

User registration growth rate (weekly):

This metric shows the weekly growth rate of user registrations.


As a site manager or an eCommerce shop owner, Those KPIs are a pathway to understanding your customers and business better.

Wise-KPIs makes this journey a breeze by offering an easy-to-use plugin that querying these essential metrics for your WooCommerce store.

By leveraging these insights, you can optimize your business strategies and set your online store on the path to greater success.
Remember, data-driven decisions are wise decisions, so make yours wisely with Wise-KPIs!