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Supercharge Your WordPress based site with KPIs information


Are you ready to harness the awesome magic of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)?
Let’s unravel how KPIs can help your website management (include marketing and SEO) and make it truly shine. Plus, we’ve got three top-notch plugins, including our Wise KPIs, all made for WordPress CMS!

Why KPIs are Amazing:

Think of managing a website like guiding a spaceship. You need a star map, right? That’s where KPIs come in. They’re like your map, showing you how your website is doing and where it can fly higher!

KPIs are like friendly guideposts, helping you understand all sorts of important things. They help you make smart choices and keep getting better and better.

Imagine having a special lens that shows you everything about your website. How many people visit, how much they interact, if they buy things, and how much money you’re making. That’s what KPIs do!

By following these guideposts, you can find where you’re strong, where you need to grow, and align your SEO or marketing rocket boosters accordingly.

These guideposts help you make your website the best it can be, crafting content that sings, refining marketing plans, and turning more visitors into happy customers.

Plus, some super cool plugins can bring you these guideposts with a simple installation from the WordPress plugins depot.

Top Plugins to Boost Your Website:

To really make the most of KPIs on your site, here are a few super plugins that can bring amazing insights:

Wise KPIs: Wise KPIs is like a magic tool we made just for WordPress. It offers a big collection of guideposts to track and understand your website’s journey. With its friendly design and 14 key guideposts (like engagement, growth, and eCommerce performance), Wise KPIs is your one-stop solution to making smart choices.

MonsterInsights: It is like a master window for the Google Analytics

on WordPress. It links with your WordPress site and reveals data, such as where visitors come from, what they do, and if they buy some stuff :). It has an easy-to-read dashboard that lets you track guideposts and understand your visitors while making choices that will improve your site’s performance (Not speed).

Yoast SEO: Yoast SEO is THE plugin that powers up your website’s search engine visibility. It reviews your content, gives tips for optimizing each page, and tracks SEO related guideposts like keyword rankings and click-through rates. With this plugin, you can shine in organic searches, attract more visitors, and boost up your SEO performance.

In a Nutshell:

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are like hidden superpowers in website management, revealing amazing insights on your website’s performance. With powerful plugins like Wise KPIs, MonsterInsights, and Yoast SEO, you can have the superpower of making smart choices, fine-tuning your website to perfection, and steering it to the road of success in a crowded, busy digital universe.