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Optimize Your performance with “Wise KPIs”, Making Data-Driven Decisions for Success

Wise KPIs

When you having a website, of any kind, making data-driven decisions is essential for owners seeking success.

We developed Wise KPIs, a totaly free wordpress plugin, available to download from the wordpress repository.

Unlocking the Power of Wise Key Performance Indicators:

Wise KPIs plugin equips you with 14 key performance indicators, offering invaluable insights into your website’s performance. Let’s see how Wise KPIs can help your approach and enable data-driven decisions for optimal results and better site performance.

Engagement and User Interaction:

Wise KPIs provides range of engagement KPIs, include average comments per post, published comments per day, and total published comments.
By following those indicators, you will gain a deep understanding of your users interaction.
With this information You can make informed decisions to improve content quality, foster discussions, and enhance the overall of your user experience.

Website Growth:

We included some KPIs like number of users per day, total number of users, and user registration growth rate (week), for analyzing your website’s growth.
By analyzing these metrics, you can identify growth patterns, spot emerging trends, and adjust your marketing strategies accordingly.

Better eCommerce Performance:

For WooCommerce users, Wise KPIs comes with metrics like total completed orders per day, total number of orders per day, cost of goods sold per day, and coupons usage per day.
These KPIs are valuable insights into your eCommerce performance.

With these metrics, you can evaluate sales performance, identify popular products, you can even fine-tune your pricing strategies and promotional campaigns for increased conversions and revenue.


So when it comes to optimizing website or ecommerce performance, Wise KPIs can be very helpful by giving you to utilize its KPIs.

you can make data-driven decisions to plan marketing campaigns, coupons effectiveness and usage, track engagement and analyze growth.

Embrace Wise KPIs today and set yourself up for unparalleled success in the digital realm.